Amend the Constitution: Founders knew this time would come

By Heather Moon

We are in the throes of a new administration, but much remains the same. Congress is, for the most part, the same self-serving group who did not have the backbone to stand up to the unconstitutional executive amnesty order that Obama signed, nor to oppose Obamacare. This Congress certainly has no real interest in passing amendments to limit members’ tenure, or to require the exercise of fiscal restraint with a balanced budget. Furthermore, the executive orders with which the past several presidents have made structural change for their terms in office are by nature not in keeping with the proper balance of power that the federal government was designed to operate under. Legislating from the bench has become another avenue of overreach that decidedly imbalances the power structure in the federal government.
The Founding Fathers foresaw our current situation and devised a plan for the Constitution to be amended. While congressional amendments have been the only method used until now, that is not the only avenue offered in the Constitution. The other allows for two-thirds of the states to request a Convention of States — and this is what the Virginia General Assembly is currently considering.


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